Opening Ports for Filemaker Server

Discussion created by xBabinx on Aug 1, 2016
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Good Afternoon,


I am having trouble with Filemaker Server, in that I can not connect with Filemaker Pro to upload databases to the server or to access the Admin-Console from a machine other than the host.


Filemaker server is running on a Mac Mini, single machine setup. The OS version is El Capitan 10.11. I spoke with Filemaker support and they indicated that I need to open Port: 16000. I've looked around the internet and couldn't find any straight forward answers on how to accomplish this. If anyone could help me resolve, it would be greatly appreciated. I don't think this will completely resolve my issue, but I need to open the port before more troubleshooting can be done.


Currently I can see the databases that are hosted on the server and open them, but their custom icons are replaced by the standard filemaker icon and I can't upload new databases to the sever. This changed after updating the Mac Mini to the latest OS and server app updates. I run Filemaker Server 15 and Filemaker Pro 15.


Thank You