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    Opening Ports for Filemaker Server


      Good Afternoon,


      I am having trouble with Filemaker Server, in that I can not connect with Filemaker Pro to upload databases to the server or to access the Admin-Console from a machine other than the host.


      Filemaker server is running on a Mac Mini, single machine setup. The OS version is El Capitan 10.11. I spoke with Filemaker support and they indicated that I need to open Port: 16000. I've looked around the internet and couldn't find any straight forward answers on how to accomplish this. If anyone could help me resolve, it would be greatly appreciated. I don't think this will completely resolve my issue, but I need to open the port before more troubleshooting can be done.


      Currently I can see the databases that are hosted on the server and open them, but their custom icons are replaced by the standard filemaker icon and I can't upload new databases to the sever. This changed after updating the Mac Mini to the latest OS and server app updates. I run Filemaker Server 15 and Filemaker Pro 15.


      Thank You

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          Are you on the same network as the FMS machine? If so, turn the OSX firewall off to test.  If not then you need to open the port on the firewall router between you and the network.


          Note that FMI does not support running the OSX Server App on an FMS machine.


          If you can remote desktop into the FMS machine, pull the FM file from a network share and manually put in the FMS db folder.  Remember to set the permissions on the file to fmserver:fmsadmin before trying to open it in the console.

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            Hi xBabinx,

            Port 16000 is important to access the Admin Console (


            I'm on windows and don't know much (anything really) about Macs.  However, PC has a command called netstat.  Used with the switch -an you can see what ports are open (listening).  I'm sure there's an equivalent in the Apple world if not the same command.


            The ports 80, 443, and 5003 are also required for web direct and or FM GO

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              Thanks for the above information. I was able to fix my issue with a new install of Filemaker Server. I was able to identify the original culprit. Upon re-install, I ran into an error from the installer indicating that it could not use ports 80 and 443. I used the Console to check what was using the ports.


              As it turns out like wimdecorte indicated, the Apple Server App, was interfering with the usage of the necessary Filemaker ports and causing a conflict with Apache (the server service on the MAC). Once I disabled all the services in the Apple Server App, I was able to complete the install and low an behold everything was back to normal.


              Thanks for the suggestions and help.