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How to remove redundant tables?

Question asked by macc on Aug 1, 2016
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encouraged by helpful answers – I let myself ask another problem.

Any help and explanation will be appreciated.


I have school database (one for two schools). About 95% work is done around present students, other 5% concerns those who has resigned, and our graduates.

So most work is done within  Student table – repeating task are assigned to scripts and buttons. But in my work there is also many searches within present students. To perform searches I use Find Mode and Show All from Status Bar. In Form layout is about 25 fields that may be entered to perform search.


At the beginig (14 months ago) I had little time to create solution so I put FormerStudents to seperate table. And the same I have done with Graduates.

All three tables have some common fields (like name, birthDate, etc.) and little fields that are assigned to only certain group (like diplomaNumber, ifPassedExams – only for graduates).


This way whenever I started search to find only present students i didn't have to set studentStatus field in Find Mode to Present. It look like time saver. But reading some of topics here I found that many times such tables are suggested to be just one table with differentiate field (for me It would be studentStatus field with three possible values (Present, Former, Graduate).


If this is the right way – I will go for it. I can easilly merge those tables into one. But how to perform my finds easilly when I will merge tables? What will I gain merging those tables?


If anyone is willing to help but find my explanation blurry – just ask question and I will elaborate to clarify the problem.