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    Portal rows in a merge field


      I have a quick question.

      How can I create a merge field that contains the values in portal rows?


      For instance:

      Let's say I have 3 kids, and each kid has a list of food preferences, medical conditions, prescriptions.

      My kids are on a portal on the "minors" layout.


      Now, I want to put all of the kids data on a report for the parents.


      Kid1    -- (portal row1)

           Medical Condition:  <<medical conditions>>    (portal row1)

           Prescriptions:  <<prescriptions>>         (portal row1)


      Now, how to I list the next row in the portal?


      Kid2  -- (portal row2)

           Medical Condition:  <<medical conditions>>       portal row2

           Prescriptions:  <<prescriptions>>                       portal row2


      And so on.


      Right now I'm using portals on my report, (Initial row = 2 with number of rows =1) but the fields don't slide up when the parent doesn't list something in say the prescription field, so I'm left with whitespace wherever the parent left it blank.


      My attachment shows my current problem using portals on the report.  You can see that everything is set to sliding up.  Also I have set to shrink the enclosing fields.  Also, I have set to hide objects when they are left blank.


      If anyone knows why these portals will not slide up, that would be great, but I suspect it would be best to learn how to stick merge fields in that are portal rows 1.2.3... to make the solution faster.  (tons of portals is slow)

      Thanks in advance!