SmartPill 3.0 situation.

Discussion created by bigtom on Aug 1, 2016
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We use currently a plugin that relies on SmartPill for doing some PHP stuff. SmartPill v3 has been in development for nearly two years. There was an update from the plugin developer that was based on the v3 beta that worked with FM13+ (64bit). The beta was in use for about a year. There was a note at the beta download page that current v1/v2 licenses would continue to work and that there was a beta license key that wold expire 7/31. Turns out the v1/v2 license never worked properly and the note is now (since 5/2016) reading that they expired along with the beta key.


There is an extension key on the Scodigo site until the end of August.


The SmartPill developer changed hands and there is some issue with how things have worked on the plugin licensing side for the plugin developer. Currently it stands that a plugin that we paid for to work with FM13+ is not not working as the developer needs to pay $7,500 to license v3 and this seems to be something they were not aware of. Our other option is to pay $700/yr fee to buy our own licensing.


Thankfully, we will be able to use the PHP API and never need SmatPill again. So this month will be spent working on that process.


I hope the the developers involved will get something worked out eventually.