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FMS Backups OSX to Windows

Question asked by Vaughan on Aug 1, 2016



In the next couple of weeks I'll be changing from a FMS 14 OSX box to a FMS 14 Windows box.


All the current backups are on disks formatted as OSX Extended. There are some 50 daily and 40 weekly backup sets on separate 1 TB partitions. A single backup set is about 70 GB (mostly external containers holding lots of documents) and all these multiple sets are able to fit on a 1TB partition due to the magic of FMS using hard links. Is there a way to move these to NTFS or ExFat partitions and maintain the hard links?


I've tried getting FMS14 on OSX to backup directly to an ExFat external disk, but the path won't validate. I'm guessing FMS only want to back up to OSX formatted volumes.