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Debugging Issue

Question asked by peter_thang on Aug 2, 2016



I am fairly new to FMP


How come some of the script that runs in normal online editor such as CodePen doesn't run in FileMaker Pro? I don't have advanced version so I don't even know where to start debugging.


Normally the way I tried to debug/modify the code is through adding a little bits more pieces of code each time and see if the code still work, but this last modification I am making requires several addition at the same time so I can't debug how I normally do it.


Does anyone know what are some of the normal issues script have if they are developed in web script editor?

(besides the begining "data:text/html;charset=UTF-8, and end " , the \"\" for each quotation, and some query specific rules)

I thought it was issues with semicolon but I have tried adding/deleting every semicolon.