User experience design collaboration/challenge

Discussion created by coherentkris on Aug 2, 2016
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I've developed a FM GO app to collect data about eating habits for a study at a local university.

Some of the participants who are tasked with recording data have literacy and education deficiencies.

The UI design currently in place is very standard question and answer format.

Lots of yes no questions couple of opportunities to take pictures of the meals etc.

Their is a pretty simple workflow to entering the required data.

Because of the hurdles previously mentioned some of the participants are not taking every opportunity to enter data.

Their are lots of holes in the data because of this.

The administrator of the study asked me if I could turn the user experience into more of a game like experience.

The thought is that a game like experience would trigger the immediate gratification system and encourage more consistent data entry throughout the lifetime of a participant in the study.


I've got a couple of ideas on what i might do but I wanted to see if anyone here would want to participate in the UI redesign.

I can't offer any payment but I might be able to offer credit on any research paper produced as a result of our work.


Anyone up for the challenge?