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"Container fields cannot be exported"

Question asked by Mike_Mitchell Expert on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by BruceHerbach

Good day, all. I've been asked to assist with a solution that is throwing a persistent "Container fields cannot be exported" error when a scripted export is attempted. Upon investigation, I've discovered that the "Export field contents" command in the contextual menu is ghosted:




I have seen on previous posts that this error can occur when you don't have access (but I do):




There are no Custom Menus in play (I make sure to select the Standard set prior to attempting this).


These containers are being stored externally. Here's a sample of the GetAsText ( ) result (this is FileMaker 12):




Based on what I know, this should work. The only other thing I've seen on previous posts is the possibility of the objects having been inserted as OLE objects. I don't know the history of this database, but the most recent insertions occurred in May of this year. Not likely they were inserted as OLE.


I'd sure appreciate it if someone can lend a clue ...