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    Pie Chart Challanges


      Consider two tables. One for "projects" and one for "time log entries". On a layout based on "Projects" I have a portal that contains "time log entries" (see image). There is a one-to-many relationship between projects and time log entries (each project could have many time log entries).


      Now consider a layout based on projects with a portal containing many time log entries. Ideally I'd like to show a pie chart that summarizes the percentage of hours for a given task.Task is a field in the time log entries table. Users enter the number of minutes they spend on each task associated with this project. There is a calculated field that converts the minutes into a decimal representation of the hour. No matter how I set this pie chart up I continue to get a chart that has something like this:


      Conference Call 20%

      Meeting 20%

      Conference call 20%

      Testing 20%

      Testing 20%


      What I expect is:

      Conference Call 40%

      Meeting 20%

      Testing 40%


      The datasource is "related tables" based on the relationship between Projects and time log entries (Projects_To_TimeLog) sorted by the calculated field for hours (c_TotalHours) and "Summarized Group of Records"


      Wedge and labels are, of course, the "Task" field from  the time log entry  table.


      Any insight into what I'm doing wrong? Have I approached this completely incorrectly. Thank you in advance