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Pie Chart Challanges

Question asked by jkostenbader on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2016 by Johan Hedman

Consider two tables. One for "projects" and one for "time log entries". On a layout based on "Projects" I have a portal that contains "time log entries" (see image). There is a one-to-many relationship between projects and time log entries (each project could have many time log entries).


Now consider a layout based on projects with a portal containing many time log entries. Ideally I'd like to show a pie chart that summarizes the percentage of hours for a given task.Task is a field in the time log entries table. Users enter the number of minutes they spend on each task associated with this project. There is a calculated field that converts the minutes into a decimal representation of the hour. No matter how I set this pie chart up I continue to get a chart that has something like this:


Conference Call 20%

Meeting 20%

Conference call 20%

Testing 20%

Testing 20%


What I expect is:

Conference Call 40%

Meeting 20%

Testing 40%


The datasource is "related tables" based on the relationship between Projects and time log entries (Projects_To_TimeLog) sorted by the calculated field for hours (c_TotalHours) and "Summarized Group of Records"


Wedge and labels are, of course, the "Task" field from  the time log entry  table.


Any insight into what I'm doing wrong? Have I approached this completely incorrectly. Thank you in advance