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Web Direct Popover causes List View Layout to bounce.

Question asked by MikeMemme on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by MikeMemme


I have created a list view layout on a Web Direct server with a popover button on the list body. The popover is pushed to show an expanded details field for that record on the list in particular, and is hidden when the field on the list is less than an "x" amount of characters. However when the popover button is pushed, the popover jumps to the very top of the page and scrolls all the way back up to the beginning. This looks very poor and the user looses their position in the long list. This occurs with most list records when the record is close to the top or bottom of the layout but I have not been able to find a resolution. Please let me know if anyone else has encountered this problem and fixed it? Or if anyone has any other suggestions that work great and are very pleasing?

Thank you very much in advance!