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Layout change via script and subtle window scroll to top

Question asked by alex117 on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on May 9, 2017 by TSGal

Product and version (FileMaker Pro Advanced

OS and version (OS X, El Capitan)

Hardware (Macbook Pro)



When navigating from one layout to another using a script, the window tends to scroll up to the start of the original layout prior to moving the user to the destination layout. This creates a noticeable flash or flicker as the window quickly scrolls to the top each time you change layouts.


*This isn't noticeable if the user is at the very top of the original layout prior to navigating to the destination layout, but in many cases where the user may be somewhere in the middle or bottom of the layout, it will quickly jump to the top of the layout when a script is triggered to navigate to a different layout.


*Strangely, this subtle "window scroll jump" behavior does NOT occur when you switch between layouts using the native layout menu located in the dark layout bar of the status toolbar. The window simply refreshes seamlessly to the new layout without causing any flicker or jump in the scroll.


It looks to be that this only occurs inside of scripts because the navigation steps trip the focus back to the top of the original layout once they are executed. It would be great if FileMaker fixed this to make the behavior more consistent and seamless just as it is when switching layouts via the native layout bar. This also seems to be an issue experienced by others and mentioned in forum posts for prior versions as well.


How to replicate

Please see the attached file.


Workaround (if any)

I have found no way to prevent this. It seems like something a future update could fix. Freezing the window via a script step does not work. An alternative would be to open the new layout on a new window, as this would not scroll the layout on the current window, but that's more work and not really a true solution when you are looking for seamless navigation from one layout to the next.