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    can i run FP Pro on an android device


      I would like to be able to have FM Pro based in a cloud where I could access it from my office (Windows 10) or remotely from a Android tablet. Is this possible?

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          You can connect to FMS from a browser on an Android using webdirect.

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            You can use Web Direct.  A few warnings. The only theme that works reliably with Web Direct is Enlightened.  There may be others. When I switched to Enlightened, web direct behaved wonderfully.  There may be other Themes that work. I can tell you, Enlightened does. You may modify the theme to your hearts content and it still works.



            According to FMI's best practices, you need to add an additional machine when you pass 6 concurrent users


            Licensing FMPS, especially for FMPS 15 is Obscenely expensive. Find a reliable hosting company.
            In the long run, you may find buying an iPad to be more cost effective.  When using FileMaker Pro, both the Windows and OSX versions work very well. A small Windows laptop may also suit your purposes.



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              Rent a Windows Server in a data-centre and install FileMaker Pro on the Windows Server and put your file there. Then use "Remote Desktop" to remote into the server.  This will give you a Windows Desktop on your Android tablet and you can open FileMaker Pro and use your android as if it is a Windows machine.  There is a slight lag as the information travels over the internet of course.

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                We have Citrix XenApp servers streaming FileMaker Pro, which runs on Android. The XenApp servers can be pointed to your cloud based server.


                Apologies for the dated web site, an update is on the way, but there is a quick video of this at FileMaker Pro - Citrix Receiver on Android