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Combining fields from multiple records to fields in 1 record.

Question asked by russk68 on Aug 2, 2016
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Hi All!

The layout on the left is what I currently have. This has nothing to do with hotels but it explains what I am trying to do. I want another layout to view the records like the layout on the Right.


I consider myself a novice with FM but I'm getting better each day so I'm going to try to ask questions 1 step at a time.

1. Can this be done with 1 table? I'm thinking not and my next questions will assume the I have to create another table.

2. Starting with the fields: Do I just need to create 8 fields? At first I thought I would have to create 6 room fields for each floor but I don't believe this is needed. (There can be many hotels but never more than 8 floors and always 6 rooms)


Any help would greatly appreciated!


Distro Sample.jpg