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Problem with setting up relationship

Question asked by macc on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by beverly

I'm trying to set up proper relationships.


Student – common table for all three groups (with id, names, dates of births etc).

Former – extension of Student table, but only for former students who has resigned (with info about cause of leaving)

Graduate – extension of Student table, but only for graduates (diplomaNumber, ifPassedExam, etc.)

Present – extension of Student table but only for present students


It looks like those ralationships should be one-to-one.

Now it's my question: how should i link them?


Student –––– Former

Student::id = Former::id AND

Student::status = Former::key_FORMERSTATUS


Students::status is text field (controlled by pop-up menu with value list of status)

Former::key_FORMERSTATUS (is global text field (pop-up menu with value list of status) – as all the records in Former table should concern former students)


When I have tried that, first it looked fine. But when I changed value (for testing) in Former::key_FORMERSTATUS to graduate, on layout based on Student i can see info in related fields from Former table (lookse like second parameter of relationship is not working). But when I put portal on Former layout I see no related records.


Any help will be appreciated.