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    FMS12 PHP site: "results.php" is blank


      I have a PHP questionnaire that was originally built circa 2011 using the PHP Site Assistant. We abandoned the questionnaire, but would like to bring it back. 


      The questionnaire itself goes fine (we collect the name and email of the respondent, then have them answer 25 questions), but upon clicking "submit", there is just a blank page for "results.php" -- so the user gets no results and no confirmation message... 


      I'm not having any luck activating error trapping within the PHP or combing the console logs for any applicable errors.  Any advice?


      System info: 2012 MacPro running Mac OS X Mavericks and FMS12

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          Johan Hedman

          My I suggest that up update to FMS15 and start using FileMaker WebDirect instead where you can control your layouts and script inside FileMaker

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            Typically when I get a blank page returned, my first step is to View Source (in the browser - and try different browsers). Sometimes you will see a page 'rendered-to-a-point' and then stops. This may because there is an error in the code (php or javascript or html or ???). But if you see something then you know the page is hit, it just stops at the point where there is nothing to display in the browser. You may even see an error message that isn't displayed to the user, but is shown in the source.


            It's worth a try!


            Also, browsers can have "developer mode" or "developer tools" or "inspectors" or various add-ons that allow you to see a lot more than what is displayed in the window to the user. These can be very helpful.




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              upgrade, yes, always good advice. WebDirect is still limited in some ways that a Custom Web Published site can solve (with PHP or any web app that can use the ODBC or XML results). More than likely if the Site Assistant was previously used, WD may be just as useful. YMMV or YKMV