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Best Way to Create "Sub" Serial Numbers?

Question asked by clarapippa on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2016 by philmodjunk

Hello! Was going to ask this in the New Users group, but the link to create a post there is borked.


So, I am creating a quotes database. We issue a quote to a customer, save it in this database, easy stuff.


However, when the customer requests another version of the quote or wants an additional item added to the quote, the solution my boss and I came up with is to create what is essentially a "sub" quote on a separate, but related, table.


What I can't manage is when I click "add item", which creates the new record on the second table, that the QuoteID field transfers and add something like .1 or .a to the end.


I've seen similar questions but the answers either a) don't seem like they're for the same version of filemaker, b) don't make a lick of sense to a newbie, or c) are literally "don't do that" in the particular scenario.


Any ideas? Any points to good tutorials? Am I missing something??