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    Mirror a table


      Hi All,

      I want to create 2 tables with 1 mirroring another. So in table 1 when I create a record and enter a value in the field, I want table 2 to automatically create a record with the same value in it's field. I would then want to add other fields that are unique to each. I'm thinking that this would be a calculation.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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          Johan Hedman

          Why do you need a replica of your table?


          I would use a trigger onRecordSave that triggers a script that sets a Variable to unique ID from first table and then have all fields in second table have calculated result from table on, so when you create a new record in table 2 and use Set field to your Variable it will automatically set all other fields

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            First of all, there is nothing in FileMaker to support this natively. You are probably thinking of SQL creation triggers which can run INSERT, but there are no such triggers in FileMaker.


            There are some workarounds, e.g. FileMaker Forum | FMT FIleMaker Community


            I would advice to rethink your structure as mirroring data does not seems to be a good idea. Why would not use one table and connect to two other tables to record different information.

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              other fields that are unique to each


              seems to me that you have one-to-one relationship between the two and simply setting up the relationship to Allow creation (either way) would 'trigger' the new record in the other. Of course some related field would need to be populated to make the relationship.



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                +1 to johan.

                why you need replica?

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                  Hi Johan,

                  After reading your reply and the others too, It sounds like I need to rethink this like Nicolai suggests.

                  Here's an example of what I want to do:

                  I need 2 layouts with identical fields.

                  Layout 1 is for data entry in column A. Column B fields turned off from Browse mode. Layout 2 is vise versa.

                  When someone makes changes in Layout 1 in column A, I want a Record Modification Count only for layout 1. I want layout 2 to have a Record Modification Count as well but only for layout 2.

                  Because my current structure has 2 layouts from the same table, I get the same Rec Mod Count in both layouts as expected. Any thoughts on how to accomplish this?

                  Thank you for replying!

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                    Hi Beverly,

                    That was my thought as well but I couldn't figure how to get the records to create themselves.


                    Thank you for your reply!

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                      Create two fields to count Modifications, one for each layout and populate them with a Get(RecordModificationCount) with OnRecordCommit script trigger - use different field and script on each layout

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                        I think I get it.

                        I'll give it a go!


                        Thank you very much!

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                          Hi Nicolai,

                          I created a calculation field with the Get(RecordModificationCount)

                          Does the layout setup get the script trigger or the field? I believe it's the layout.

                          I then checked the OnCommitRecord event in the layout setup. What would the actual script for that event be?



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                            Get(RecordModificationCount) will be triggered on both layouts for both fields.


                            Create two number fields, not calculations, e.g. mod_count_1 and mod_count_2


                            create two scripts, e.g. set_mod_1 and set_mod_2




                            Set Field [mod_count_1 ; mod_count_1+1 ]






                            Set Field [mod_count_2 ; mod_count_2+1 ]



                            Set the script trigger in the layout settings dialogue for the OnRecordCommit trigger


                            for the first layout to set_mod_1 script


                            for the second layout to set_mod_2 script


                            Try to modify records in both layouts, the fields should count the modifications done on a particular layout.

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                              Works perfect!

                              Thank you for the help and your patience!

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                                Hey, that's what the community for!


                                Good luck



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                                  They're too good to be true!

                                  Why don't I see the ANSWERED button?