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OnTimer bug in Filemaker 15 ?

Question asked by rudyv on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2016 by brucewilson

Before i submit this as an "official" bug, i would like your opinion on this.


I use Filemaker Pro & Pro Advanced on OS X El Captain

I have a table "activities" which has two fields "clock_timer" & "clock_display".


# first i open a window with a stopwatch and load a timer with a 1 second interval

Install OnTimer Script [ “timer”; Interval: 1 ]


in the timer script :

# i increment the clock_timer field by 1

Set Field [ activities::clock_timer; activities::clock_timer + 1 ]

# i sound a heartbeat to monitor the script even when it is in the background (while debugging)


# i update the clock_display eg to "1h 22m 34s"

Set Field [ activities::clock_display; nice_clock ( activities::clock_timer ) ]

# i refresh the onscreen clock

Refresh Object [ Object Name: "clock" ]



This stopwatch works very well as long as it is in the active foreground window.

When i select other Filemaker windows or work in other programs, the heartbeat stops after 20 to 30 seconds - in other words, the OnTimer goes to sleep. I can reproduce this behaviour every time. When i make the stopwatch window active again, OnTimer wakes up again and my stopwatch updates as expected.

Is this a bug in OnTimer or am I missing something?

And is there possibly a workaround?


thank you -Rudy