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Play Video from Local iPad on FMGO.

Question asked by AlexBlair_2 on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by schamblee


  Looking for some ideas.

  I have a project that has training videos as part of HR.

  Using Handbrake I have reduced most videos from 200mb to 6-10mb and still be watchable.

  The load times though to iPads that they are doing HR intakes with is still unbearable via LTE network or wifi

from hosted server.

   (Spec wise: FM 14 Server, FMGO 14 on ipad airs, Verizon LTE and Hotspots)

   So what I am considering doing is storing the videos locally on the ipads then using a script like insert video to load them as globals when server instance starts with ipad.

   One issue I am having is determining exactly where ipads store the videos.... var/private/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control  ??

   And in general is there a better way to do this?

   Any insight or input would be appreciated.

   Also one other question.  They don't employees stopping or fastfowarding the videos (i scripted a button to go to next page of intake that is hidden until the time the video needs to play has passed...) but am wondering if there is a way to completely take away player controls?