Problems with WebServer not starting after OS update. Mac only.

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Problems with WebServer


The scene at home is I am running a;  MacBook Pro 15" with El Capitan, 8GB ram and 256GB with Apple Server 5.1.5, and FMS 15 Dev lic.


After updating the local Mac OS install from 10.11.5 to 10.11.6 along with updating the Server app to 5.1.7 and then restarting, I notice the FMS web direct had stopped functioning. Logged in to the Admin console, and yup sure enough the web server was not running at all.

I am sure at some point we all have run into this. So, after much google foo, with limited results I ran the redeploy and bang...ran in Error 503. More google after this point, then I went for the FMS re-install just to be sure. Wouldn't you know it the install would not capture and disable the ports 80 and 443! After much banging of head to desk. I started to back track and figure this out. I put localhost in the address bar of safari and there was my first clue, I was staring at the Mac Server default webpage. Jumped in to the server app, but wait WebSites service was not turned on, nor wiki...I turned them on and off to be sure. I then started to wrestle with Terminal and Apache with no luck.


Since it is raining cats and dogs here, thunder made me jump with a silly idea, remove the server app and then re-install FMS. Now, to my surprise and not wanting to restart the again for the umpteenth time. With the removal of the Server app all services were shutdown, including whatever was that may have been keeping Apache alive. Since, I initiated the FMS install and was stopped at the disable ports I hit the continue button and there she lept to life installing all the little files it was supposed to.


Simple enough when FMS web server breaks and you have the Apple Server app installed remove it, and then either redeploy or re-install FMS.


I hope this helps those with Mac Servers running on the same machine.


Sorry for the longish post.