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Automatically select dropdown menu item from a conditional value list based on a previously selected dropdown menu item?

Question asked by laurenclack on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2016 by Johan Hedman



I have 2 dropdown menus in a layout, where the 2 value lists are related and the 2nd dropdown menu presents a conditional value list based on the value selected in the 1st menu.


I would like that in some cases, the value in the 2nd dropdown menu is automatically filled-in/selected based on the value selected in the first dropdown menu - can I use a script to automate this? Would the procedure be the same for a pop-up menu?


More detail:

HCW handsPatient handsNon-sterile glovesSterile Gloves...

Source (Dropdown 1)Source Detail (Dropdown 2)
HandsHCW hands
HandsPatient hands
GlovesNon-sterile gloves
GlovesSterile gloves
Medical DeviceECG
Medical DeviceVentilator
Medical DeviceBedside monitor
Medical DeviceStethoscope


I would like, for example, that when the user selects "Hands" in dropdown menu 1, that "HCW hands" is automatically entered in dropdown 2, but that the user could still optionally select "Patient hands" by manually dropping down the menu.


Thank you for your help!