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Help, again

Question asked by Victoria on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2016 by FileKraft

Ok, I'm back...  I'm not like you guys...  I'm not handy w/ computers.  Yes, I've read and tried everything I could find on this problem, but to no avail.


Quick story of sad event: 4 am, I hear crackling like fireplace but we don't have fireplace, I standup into black unbreathable air, scream at snoring husband, once, twice, THRICE! We get out wearing pjs and nothing else, save pets and nothing else.  Except!  Expert techies are able to take hunk of melted plastic a.k.a. back-up for our business and $17,000 later of insurance money, I have my data back!!!! Hurray!


Now only problem the rows on my statements are 9/16" apart instead of 5/16" apart like they used to be.  I know that sounds picky, but it's a big deal in wasted paper every month and just looks weird.


If anyone wants to help me, a person that does not understand techie words or how Filemaker Pro works (consider me a challenge) I would dearly appreciate the help.  You'll need to talk down, make it simple, otherwise your time and mine will be wasted.


Thank you,