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Check Box Issues

Question asked by fm_noob on Aug 4, 2016
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I have a very simple flat table (no relationships) with multiple radio buttons and one checkbox set. The field is "Media Type".


Here's the issue...


I originally had a drop-down menu in that field with the following options.

Analog & Digital A/V

Digital Content

No A/V or Digital Content


I changed the drop-down to a checkbox and renamed the options as follow. Users can check one or multiple options.

Analog A/V




When I export the data to an excel sheet, that field is displaying both the old options and the new options.  So for one record with the "None" checkbox selected the exported data field now reads "No A/V/ or Digital Content None".  It should just read "None" since the checkbox options were renamed.  There are only 400 records, but it's a pain to keep editing the excel sheet when I export.