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    Humbled Daily


      Experts, et al,

      I have been writing code since 1983.  I have written code in many computer languages on many different platforms.  My degree is in Computer Science with emphasis in Computer Languages.  I pick up proprietary languages fairly quickly; FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced is no exception (well...maybe).  I've been coding FMP15A for three weeks now and have made leaps and bounds, I have one app in production as of early last week.  I read the Community discussions and questions as well as other FMP15 online documentation and the "Missing Manual for FMP 14".


      I have received or read advice from Beverly, Phil, Bruce, David, TS, Mike, and Kris (the coherent one) just to name a few and there are many.  This community is outstanding; full of helpful, knowledgeable, patient, and unselfish members.


      Everyday (Monday through Friday), once my normal daily tasks are completed, my projects are up-to-date, and all fires are extinguished, I jump into FMP15A.  Everyday, I am overwhelmed by the vastness of FMP!  Admittedly, it is going to take longer than I first expected to become proficient in FMP15A; don't get me wrong, I didn't think FMP was going to be a piece of cake.  I figured I'd be proficient with FMP in three to four months.  I think it will take longer; there's so much to learn.  Example: Today, I read about security and using Active Directory for app authentication on the server.  I did what the documentation said and (sadly) It didn't work. I will continue to work through it, trying this and that until...voila or defeat.  I try not to post questions right away; I'd rather exhaust myself first.


      My hat's off to those of you who aren't just knowledgeable put are also tolerant of us new to the family.


      Humbly yours,

      Ron Harris

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          make no mistake, ron! us old-timers are humbled daily, too. someone some where in the world comes up with a unique way to use the functions and scripts that we all have in our toolboxes. stick around. you are one of "us" now.



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            Welcome to the dark side. Your conversion is complete.

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              Here here! to that sentiment. One of the glorious things about FileMaker is that someone with a computer science background, like Ron, can find it to be as much fun and challenge as someone from a humanities background, like me. The first time things FM clicked in my head was when I realised I could still think in English, and get somewhere just by following a common sense, logical path. That has made for some clumsy, workmanlike solutions to problems, but they still worked. Then as my knowledge grew came the recognition that there is always more than one way of doing something, and that some ways are better than others. As my knowledge matures I'm learning more and more about why some things work better than others—and a lot of that maturing is coming from following and contributing to discussions on this forum. That's why my motto is "always learning".

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                beverly wrote:


                make no mistake, ron! us old-timers are humbled daily, too.




                On the External Authentication: hunt around for the white paper written by Steven Blackwell circa 2004 (when EA was introduced).  The screenshots will be outdated but everything still applies since nothing has changed.  EA is rock solid and easy to set up once you 'get it'

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                  Bev, so true. Today, I didn't realize that FileMaker Server had added code so that the command line recognized "fmsadmin" without having to write the path. Something so simple!

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                    Steven Blackwell has been arrested as a Drug Kingpin!  Wha...Whew!  Wrong Steven Blackwell.


                    I found his blog and the article you mentioned.  It is much more informative in External Authentication than the FM Security Guide. 


                    Here is a link... FileMaker Security Blog - FMForums.com


                    Thank you for sharing.


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                      Yep, still learning here.


                      My philosophy is:


                      1. I don’t have to be the smartest developer in the world.  But I do have to be smarter than I was yesterday.

                      2. It’s ok if I don’t know all the intricacies of the platform but I should know where to turn for help (e.g. advanced security, server optimization, XML, external authentication, etc.).

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                        FileMaker work has changed the way I think. I came to it with no coding background of necessity. I needed software to handle my (very) particular busness needs and couldn't find anything. I read about FileMaker and decided to take the plunge. As I built and learned I continued to do stuff on paper gradually replacing tasks with my growing FileMaker solution. This was version 8.5. I soon upgraded to FMPA. Over the last ten years I've had a tremendous amount of help from the members of this forum. I only hope I can "pay forward" a fraction of what's I've received from the talented and very generous people here.



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                          So nice to read such a positive contribution and have someone express what many of us feel. I'm glad you joined us at FMP v15 as, in my opinion, it has been one of the best upgrades for years.


                          FileMaker borders between technical and problem solving and returns more for the effort put in than any other alternative I've used. It can remain as simple as required but doesn't run out of steam as systems evolve. The contributors here have always been helpful with such a wide remit.


                          I particularly enjoy the different personalities and backgrounds. We are exchanging here with your background in computer sciences, whereas the year you started writing code was my last year before retiring from riding motorcycle speedway. It's a strange world.


                          Knowledge is usually gained as a result one's own failings (at least in my case) and it is a great pleasure to be able to help others avoid the hours (days) often spent trying to overcome something in the past.



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                            Is the machine you're running FMS on joined to the domain that you are using for authentication?

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                              I had an extended weekend and am back at it today.  To answer your question, yes.

                              Today I am going to follow the advice found in Steven Blackwell's article.


                              Thank you for asking.


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                                I am a FM noob myself but I have gotten three FMS authenticating to AD.

                                1. Join Mac to AD

                                2. Enable External server accounts: FMS http://localhost:16001/admin-console > Database Server > Security > Client Authentication > FileMaker and external server accounts.

                                3. Edit security in FMP solution: File > Manage > Security > +new account (select external server) Name of group or user and security level.


                                As long as there isn't a firewall blocking the AD communication, it should work.