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Report of multiple tables

Question asked by sam0723 on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2016 by Johan Hedman

Hello, everyone. I am new to filemaker. Recently, i am working on developing tour guide database for student. There are 4 things in the tour

hotel, flight, school, tourist spot. I have considered using portal to present my report, but there are many different data of these category.

For example, hotel have the number of rooms booked, check out time, check in time. For flight, flight number, flight time, the company.


So it is difficult to use portal as the common field does not exist. Even though, i use category field to categorized them. If i put them together, it may confuse the user.


The report is like  Flight(flight number, flight time...)-->Hotel(check in time, check out time...)-->school(school name....)-->tourist spot(name, time consuming), the order may be different.


So my question is how could i present my tour guide in one report. Could i separate them in 4 tables and summarized of what user chosen in one report.


Notes: i am using Filemaker Pro 11