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    Date formats with PostgreSQL



      I've an external data source Postgre connected via Actual Tech Connector.

      Everything seems working fine, apart the dates.


      Two problem:

      1. PostgreSQL timestamptz field are recognized in FileMaker as Text. I can display and change them correctly, but when I try to show the in a Calculated field (e.g.: Month(start_date)) they do not works. I also tried Month(GetAsDate(start_date))) with no luck as well. Any idea ?

      2. PostgreSQL date field are seen as date, but when I set them with function Date (1, 1, 2016), I get a question mark shown on the input filed (no size problem) and I got this error:


      Errore ODBC: [Actual][PostgreSQL]  ERROR:  invalid input syntax for type date: "?"

      LINE 1: ...ation"("purchase_orders_id","month_date") VALUES(4,DATE '?')


      Thanks a lot!



      I'm using FileMaker 15

      Actual driver 4.0.0

      Postgre 9.5.2