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    Having a problem finding records


      Hello everyone,


      I have fmp 14 advanced and am currently trying to create a database with about 700 FCC licences (see brows mode interface screenshot below).

      The problem is I am trying to create a easy interface so that I and future people using this database can find licences without having to search every location field with the exact same location. I created a "find" layout that I was going to use as my search interface (see image below) but my problem has become how do I create a script that will get the information I am searching for the "find" interface and search it in multiple fields in the brows interface.


      The two most recent script I have been trying to use are:

      Thank you in advance for any help you can give!

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          When you find yourself repeating very similar fields over and over again, it is usually an indication to review your file structure.

          It looks to me that each of those 'sets' of fields ('Control Pt x' etc) should each be one record in a separate table.

          You would have one table with a record for each Call Sign and Licence ID, the another table with one record for each of those repeated data sets.  (I'm guessing that the one Call Sign and Licence ID covers many Control Points, etc.)

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            I didn't think about that, thank you I am trying to work on it now but how would you suggest transferring over all the values I already have imputed into the database. Also how would I search for the location

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              If you have 10 control points (for example) per Call Sign then you could import the set of records into your new table 10 times, each time importing from ControlPt1 set of data, then ControlPt2, etc.


              I can't see any 'Location' field on your layouts.  If the 'Location' goes with the ControlPtNo data then you search in that table.  If it goes with the Call Sign table then you search there.  But of course they will be related, so you could find all call Sign Records that have a 'Location' (held in the 'ControlPtNo' table).

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                Any time you think you need to name a table or field with _01, _02 etc you should stop and read up on normalization and data modeling