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Sort Portal by date and then individual - How to sort first by date, and then group them by individual.

Question asked by ezeitgeist on Aug 4, 2016
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I have a relationship between two tables. One has a list of all Contacts, the other has individual Meetings with these contacts.


I am trying to create a layout that has a portal that shows a list of all the meetings, organized chronologically, grouped by individual contact. As in, If I met with Bob three times, and Sally twice, and John once, I would like three groupings to show up (one grouping each of the individuals) with the most recent meeting ordered first.




8/4/2016 Bob

7/20/2016 Bob

7/15/2016 Bob

8/2/2016 John

7/20/2016 Sally

7/15/2016 Sally


I tried to set it up by creating a layout in Meetings and using a Portal to Contacts using Sort by Date and then Contact, but that does not seem to work. That gives me sorted by date but not the groupings of individuals. When I put the Contact first in the Sort, then the dates are all messed up. Any advice would be appreciated!