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Validation does not return to the tab it started on.

Question asked by atarvin on Aug 5, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2016 by atarvin

This should be an easy problem to solve, but I'm having trouble.

I've got a file where everything revolves around the staff member selecting their name from the pop-up menu as soon as the file opens. The home page has a layout with several tabs, and the name field appears somewhere on each of the tabs. They only need to select their name once on Tab 1 for it to populate everywhere on the other tabs.


I can't seem to get staff trained to select their name. They jump right past it to the next editable field. So I've tried several ways of putting validation on the name field and the problem is that if the validation fails, instead of going back to the tab and the field where they started, it always jumps to the name field occurrence on next layout tab and they are somewhere they had no intention of being. It's not quite like taking them unexpectedly to a new page layout, but pretty close to the same effect.


I tried selecting the field and choosing validation > Not Empty. It jumps to next tab.

I tried a few scripts using OnObjectExit. It jumps to next tab.

I've named the field as an object, but I'm missing something when I try creating "If" scripts. Should I be using a formula Case instead? Could someone give me a step by step calculation please, and tell me exactly where to place it?