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    Webviewer, GoogleMaps and Video Hardware


      Several weeks ago I found that an application that I am working on which used the webviewer to display a Google Map [GM] stopped displaying GM.  Then a week or so later - without my doing anything significant that I'm aware of - it started displaying GM again, but with diminished capabilities.  Before the GMs stopped working I was able to switch between GM Full Mode and its Lite Mode.  When it started working again, I was only able to display in Lite Mode; why?


      A bit of poking around found that GM is now sensitive to not only the browser and OS, but also video hardware  To test this I checked out several machines with different video hardware to see which ones would display GM Full and which would only allow GM Lite.  Here's the very small sample result:


      Video Hardware                     GM Full?

      intelHD Graphics                    Yes

      IntelHD Graphics 530             Yes

      Intel G41 Express Chipset      No

      NViDEA GeForce GT 710       No

      IntelHD Graphics 5500           Yes


      The machine that I'm running FMP on is the one with the Intel G41 chipset, hence, GM Lite only.  So there you have it.  Here's Google's list of video hardware that will support GM Full mode. i don't know if Google announced this change anywhere, but, if so, I couldn't find it.  [Or maybe it's been there all along and I just didn't notice it.]

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          Thanks for sharing wacole1213.  I use Google Maps a lot and their Mapping API seems to be in continuous development bringing new features.  But it invariably brakes some of my older solutions or older browsers, but I had never heard it breaking based on the video card hardware.  I take it there is some video card acceleration maybe something like making use of OpenGL or DirectX in the video card.


          I'm a big Mac user and because of that I use Safari a lot.  The iOS version of Safari is not the same one as on the Mac OS X and I've painfully found that code that works on Mac OS X Safari and most PC browsers can sometimes not work on iOS.  So you have to test all platforms you want to support.  Bit of a pain.  Now you've added in another variable for me to test.


          So, if we have to test this new variability, is there a FileMaker command to test the video card of the computer you are on?  Maybe some command via the BaseElement terminal command function.  Not sure... just thinking it through like how to direct people with unsupported chipsets to the lite version.

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            For Windows


            GetValue (

            BE_ExecuteSystemCommand ( "wmic path win32_videoController get name" )

            ; 4 )


            I wonder the line is 4 in the function, since the output in command line have the value in 2nd line as



            Intel(R) HD Graphics Family


            then if the CRLF become 2 line breaks in FM, it is 3rd line.

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