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Lost camera function using FM/GO15

Question asked by Dan1 on Aug 6, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2016 by Dan1

We have an inspection program that we built on a PC using F/M13.  We send it email to our customers and they use iPads and/or iPhones to use it.

There are no clouds or servers involved.  WiFi is not required to use it, except to send files to their needed locations at a later time.  They input items using about 10 fields and then add a photo.  Using FM/GO 13 or 14 it works great.  One new customer downloaded FM/GO 15 and the camera function does not longer works.  Tried it on office devices and confirmed the issue.  When you click add photo the Camera, Audio, Bar Code, Signature choices pop up. It will except a signature, but when you select camera the screen is black.  You can see and select the small, med, large, full function, but no picture.  Would love any help possible.