Date Picker and Time Picker in FileMaker Go 15

Discussion created by TonyDehnke on Aug 6, 2016
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  I'm new, so forgive me if this is basic.  I'm making a mobile layout to use with Go or as a iOS app to create a form for the time and date of an appointment to be set, a few check boxes to accept terms and a signature. Then create a PDF of that and email it to both parties or print it.


  I have the Appointment Day setup as a Date field and when I click the date box on my iPad it pops up the date selector wheels for iOS - however there is no enter type button to click button on it for the user to click to select the date once they set it in the scroll wheels.  Worse yet there is a button in the top right that says insert - but that takes you to a button to insert the current date.  Time picker does the same thing.


  How can I get the pickers to have a save button and get rid of the "Insert" option?




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