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    Dialog not working


      I want to make a custom dialog where a user inputs a field. What happens is that the dialog runs well, the lay out is opened as it should, but there is no way to input anything because the system waits for the user choice (OK or CANCEL).




      Based on this example from the manual, but is there something wrong again? (note the missing & for field input)

      Example manual.PNG

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          What we are not seeing is your script step for the dialog box.

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            A custom dialog box is modal. You have to press something on the dialog in order to enter data on the layout below. I see nothing wrong with what you want to do here. A custom dialog is meant to instruct the user to do something when they click ok.

            Here's some suggestions, based on an assumption of your desired workflow. They are independent of each other. Choose any one of these.

            1. Change "Ok" to "Continue". This word is a signal to go on. And get rid of the "Cancel" button by erasing the text in there.

            2. Put the text on the layout. Maybe do some validation–the length of what they entered is only 2 characters long. Do this as a script trigger or part of another script, or even part of the field validation.

            3. Use the Input fields on the Custom dialog (the 2nd tab in the custom dialog setup window). IN the custom dialog modal popup, the user can enter text there. You can specify which field they will be entering data into as well as a label (that's that the example shows after the message part of the dialog in the fields: Customers::Company and so on.

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              Thanks Jeremy, Tom for your input.


              In the option 3 above, i had never noticed that second tab...that solved it all :-)

              Thanks for your help!

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                I’m glad you found it useful. I still find little pieces of FileMaker that I wasn’t aware of. So you have lots of great learning ahead of you!