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Min Function with a local variable

Question asked by DanielShanahan on Aug 7, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2016 by TomHays

I have a script that collects a series of numbers in a local variable (I'll call it $n).  There is a looping process so I gather the numbers in a horizontal list.  The end result looks like this:




That list is created in a variable $nList via a calculation:


If (

  not Isempty ( $nList ) ;

  $nList & ";" GetResults ( "n" ) ;

  GetResults ( "n" )



The GetResults ( "" ) is a custom function from Six Fried Rice for passing key;value parameters.  In the Data Viewer, $nList is defined as 40;12;17.1428571428571429, as expected.


I want to get the lowest number in the list so I then create a new variable, $nListLowest:


Min ( $nList )


However, it evaluates as a question mark (?).


I modified the $nList calculation to make sure the passed variables are numbers:


If (

not Isempty ( $nList ) ;

$nList & ";" GetAsNumber ( GetResults ( "n" ) ) ;

GetAsNumber ( GetResults ( "n" ) )



But that produced the same result.


In the Data Viewer, I can copy the result of $nList and make a new Watch expression:


Min ( 40;12;17.1428571428571429 )


That returns 12, as expected.


I suspect the $nList variable is a string and cannot be evaluated by the Min () function.


Any thoughts?