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Script Import Deleting Calculations

Question asked by Andy Hibbs on Aug 8, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2016 by TSGal

Using FMPA v15 on Windows.


We have a database file we need to import a script into, the destination file has some fields using different names and possibly a custom function missing (although I can't confirm this as yet).


Having imported the script to check the number of errors, all the <Missing Field> and <Unknown> layouts are highlighted in red text and red markers on the scroll bar (nice new feature).


However, the import log was reporting some errors within calculations, but using 2EmpowerFM we couldn't find these. Finally, we established that the set variable calculations these should have been in (which would normally be disabled at this stage) were blank and no errors were displayed within the script workspace.


Is this expected behaviour of v15? I've no recollection of this happening before and missing fields or functions would normally be disabled in the calculation. I've attached an extract from the log entries This could be reliably repeated.


The first line error was caused by a missing field 'FMEmailAddress' and 'zConfig::kcCfgConstant ' field name did not match that of the destination file. After adding the missing field in the destination file and renaming the other field in the source file the calculation did import during a further attempt. We haven't got as far as the next log errors as yet.


Many thanks