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if and else if

Question asked by Mosa on Aug 8, 2016
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Sorry in advance if I don't use the correct lingo.

I have a table of Contacts that relates to either venues, schools, funding or international.

Contacts and Orgs.jpg

I am trying to create a button on the contacts layout that allows you to go through to the related record of the organisation the contact works for. But that could be either a venue, school, international or funder.

I have a field on the contacts table which categories the contact into 'venue contact', 'school contact' etc etc

I am trying to make a script on the button that allows me to go to a related record depending on what the category field says.. so far I have come up with...

else if.jpg

but it doesn't work for any of the schools, funder, or international it only works on the venues contacts.


Any advice?