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New Window in script puts window on a different display

Question asked by RobKlengler on Aug 9, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2016 by RobKlengler

The focus window fills my external 1080p monitor. This New Window script step puts the new window on my MacBook Pro internal display:

New Window [Style: Document; Name: "windowname"; Height: 400; Width: 900; Top: 120; Left: 200 ]


When I make Left zero, it stays on the 1080p monitor. As soon as Left over 100, the window opens in another monitor. Since I have 1920 pixels, it certainly isn't running out of space.


I've tried Document Window and Floating Document Window.


There appear to be no other options to try. Any ideas?


2015 MacBook Pro with two external 1080p displays

Filemaker Pro 14.0.6