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    Scriptspace question - critical


      I am having a devil of a time with scripting. It seems while I am moving between screens and attaching scripts to buttons on forms, the "scriptspace" seems to "disappear" making all of my previously written scripts unavailable / unfound. Is there such a thing as setting a script path? I have dozens of forms and menu screens to place scripts on and this is driving me crazy!  (yes, this is my first REAL app!)


      Any and all ideas welcomed!


      Bill Wagoner





                         BILL  * * *


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          Hi Bill,


          which version are you running ? FMP 14 came with the Script Workspace, previous versions worked differently. Are you using Windows or OS X.

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            David Moyer


            just info ...

            I'm using FM14 on Windows.

            ctrl-shift-S will pull up the Script Workspace window, even if it's minimized.

            A star next to the script name indicates that a script is unsaved.

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              I am using V14 and OS X (latest and greatest)

              Please let me clarify a little...

              "Scriptspace" is "not available" to me in all situations on all forms. I might have full access on some forms successfully building, editing and attaching scripts to forms on SOME forms and then all of a sudden, I change forms, and it is gone or EMPTY! Then some of the scripts I previously attached to buttons on other forms may or may NOT work. I am really stumped!  Any ideas???

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                David Moyer

                I know that using Custom Menus can hide/prevent functionality.  For example, if the Help menu is hidden, then F1 does nothing (normally Help), etc.

                more ...

                Sorry, I should've just said, "can you see the Scripts menu in the menu bar?"

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                  Good information to know!  I’m not usingg that …yet… but I’m grateful to know this!  Thanks David!

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                    This may be a silly question but do you have only one file open? This is exactly the behavior you'd expect if you were going back and forth between two or more files, especially if you didn't have script writing privileges on one of them. Scripts are attached to a single file, so you can only see the scripts of the current file.

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                      Multiple files open….wasn’t aware that was a problem…is it?????

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                        It's not a problem, you just need to keep track of which file you have open. Scripts created in one file one show in the workspace opened for another. Use the Window menu to select the correct file first, then open the scripts workspace for scripts on that file.

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                          The other thing to be aware of is that the Script Workspace will display the file name and the server name in its top bar:


                          eg. "Script Workspace (FileName (ServerName ))

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                            Phil's absolutely right; when I looked at my response above I realized I misworded it. To expound a bit on what Phil said, because you're a newbie:

                            Each Script Workspace window, and the scripts it contains, is associated with one particular file. You can keep several Script Workspaces, from different files, open at once. This is not a problem except that you can get confused by which Workspace is associated with which file - that's why your scripts are 'disappearing' - you're just looking for apples in the bin that holds oranges. The Script Workspace associated with a particular file has the name of the file listed in its header, upper left corner.

                            One way to make this less confusing is to close the Script Workspace for the file while you're doing non-scripting stuff. Then, as Phil says, select the file you're interested in scripting for, making that the current window. Now when you select Script Workspace you'll see the Workspace for the current window (which is what I was awkwardly referring to in my last sentence above).

                            The "Scriptspace not available" problem is what I was referring to when I talked about write privileges. The author of the file can set privileges so that people without the right account name/password can't write scripts. You probably had as the current file another file, with such restrictions, when you ran across that dialog box.

                            Does that help?

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                              Yes…it DEFINITELY does!  Thanks for clarifying!