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How to automatically mark task complete when sub-tasks are marked complete?

Question asked by ezeitgeist on Aug 9, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by beverly

I have three related tables: Goals <--> Key Steps <--> Tasks


Each Goal can be broken down into individual Key Steps (an individual can add as many as they want), and each Key Step can be broken down into even simpler individual Tasks.


For each Task I've added a Yes/No completed check box [check box; value list: Yes/No].


Each Key Step and Goal also has a Yes/No check box for completion.


Can I script something so that when all of the designated Tasks (how many ever are created) for a given Key Step are marked completed that the Key Step automatically gets marked completed? [And then, I am assuming I can use that same or similar script to do the same for Goal completion marking.]


I'm assuming it is either a calculation or a script with If statements. I just am new to this type of thing so not sure which and what exact steps to use.