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Exporting files from a Container Field

Question asked by paulwatts on Aug 10, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by paulwatts

Hi all.

I want to store files (WORD and XL) externally using a container field (one file per record) and want users to be able to download and open whichever file they select simply by clicking a button. I am trying to write a script to do this using the Export Field Contents step but am having difficulties. The solution will be hosted on FMS15.



1. If the users have FM Pro then I could specify a location for the file and get it to automatically open. However, I'm unclear about how to write the path as this would have to suit all users.

2. Does the path have to include a file name? If so, why and does the file named have to exist or will the script step create it?

3. How do I cope with both/either WORD and XL file formats?

3. I have read that, if users are using WebDirect, the file downloads to a location specified by the web browser and I don't need to specify a path - is this correct and, if so, how do I get the file to open automatically?

3. Does it make any difference to the answers above if I store externally open or externally secure?


I would welcome your thoughts.