Grouping portal rows connected with hiding doubles.

Discussion created by quarku on Aug 9, 2016
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Hello Everybody,


I'm creating order part of my solution and I'm pretty much stuck!


Can anyone help me with grouping the portal rows (or filtrating using ExecuteSQL) ?


Is it even possible to automatically group up same products (same product ID)? For example if someone pick up the same "Tool1" in first row and type in quantity "2" and then pick up again "Tool1" in row for example no 4 and type in "5" quantity - my dream portal should then group up "Tool1" in one single row and sum the quantity - "7".


Please help.


PS: My porta filtrating in such a way that it shows no rowa atm - please uncheck the filtration on the begining to show what I'm talking about.


Thank you in advance.


Have a nice day!