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Calculation of travelling time between two address

Question asked by sam0723 on Aug 10, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2016 by sam0723

hello, everyone, i am new to filemaker. Recently, i am working on auto-calculation of travelling time of two places.

I have read several posts in this forum, i still don't know how to calculate the time.

Here is my script i tried. My data are in a portal(tour details)


Go to my portal row(first)

Set Variable [$starting; Value: tour_details::address]

Go to my portal row(next)

set variable[$end; Value: Tour_details::address]

Set field[tour_detail::distance; """ & $starting & "&destination=" & $end & "&sensor=false""]


loop should be inserted into the script as i want to calculate the time between portal line.


So the next step, i need to parsed to get time. how could i get the time?


i am using Filemaker 11 Pro