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using pictures in a database

Question asked by fluffy on Aug 9, 2016
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Hi Group


I want to set up a couple of databases to track items etc.. and I would really like to use pictures in them a lot but I am worried that the database will just get really big in storage space and also I am unsure of how it would work, can I ask:


- is there a way to take a picture from a iPhone, ipad etc.. and to make sure it only stores the picture in a small size to keep space used minimum?

most cameras take pictures and the normal size is over 1mb but I think it needs to be around 50k max as long as it looks ok.


can I take my picture and in filemaker it would show size in mb's and then with a click of a button I would have reduction options to choose from to save to a smaller size?


- what happens to the picture is it embedded in the database file or is it stored somewhere and linked to the file?


- another way I want to use pictures is to show thumbnails of pictures in a directory and potentially show the bigger picture when the thumbnail is clicked on, is this possible keeping in mind the picture size / database size


I am currently using file maker pro14 advanced and will be using filemaker go on ipads/iphones as well.


thanks in advance Fluffy