Conditional Value List - Location with sub-location

Discussion created by pademo57 on Aug 10, 2016
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I know there are lots of these questions but I can't seem to make mine work and would like some help.


I have a WorkLoc table which shows the Full Name, address, as well as a primary key __pk_WorkLocID and a foreign key _fk_DeptID, as well as DepartmentName


I have a second table I call "Dept" which has fields __pk_DeptID, DeptName, DeptFloor, DeptLocation, etc.


I tried having a relationship between WorkLoc::_fk_DeptID and Dept::__pk_DeptID

I then added a second condition AND WorkLoc::DepartmentName and Dept::DeptName


When I add a field (WorkLoc::DeptLocation onto the WorkLoc layout to try and only show the Departments that are associated with the WorkLoc

by making a value list which says only include values from WorkLoc it doesn't work: it doesn't show any values.


If I use include all values then it shows all the departments and not just the ones for the WorkLoc.


Could someone please walk me through a way to make this work please?