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Hours Multiplied by pay rate

Question asked by on Aug 10, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by JonasGysin

Hi All,


I have a timesheet of which I am trying to calculate, here goes:-

In our business we have flat rate (8hrs working Monday - Friday),Time & Third rate (weekdays after 8 hours), Time & Half rate (Saturday working) & Double Time Rate (Sunday working).

I want to calculate the total hours into each separate box so I can then add a rate ie


An engineer was working on a Monday and he worked 10:00 hours , 8 of those hours would be at a flat rate and 2 hours would be at time and a third rate. What is the calculation.


I currently have on my layout

Total Hours (which is a calculation of start time and finish time) this works!

Field: Flat Hours

Field: T 1/3 Hours

Field: T 1/2 Hours

Field: Double Time Hours


Any Ideas?