Building print report layout

Discussion created by cillion on Aug 11, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2016 by beverly

Hi there!

Am building a print report layout that show be 3 pages long:

1. page should be a tittlepage

2. an header with a body part

3. an last tittel page


Now I have the layout parts as this:

Tittle header (Size: 20,99cm x 29,7cm)

Header (Size: 20,99cm x 5,997cm)

Body (Size: 20,99cm x 21,59cm)

Footer (Size: 20,99cm x 2,187cm)

Tittle footer (Size: 20,99cm x 5,997cm)


Now when opening the print layout in preview mode the view showing the tittle footer as page 1, then the header, body and footer, and then 2 blank pages of the header, body and footer.

What could be wrong here?