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Second opinion - single form accessible by multiple users

Question asked by sweetp on Aug 10, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2016 by schamblee

I have to collect data for an ongoing project - linking audio files to summary text to photos for later publication in another format.  Different bits of the data will come from up to 3 different users.  I want the 1st user to be able to start the form and add a link to an audio file.  I want the 2nd user to be able to go in and choose a form that already has an audio file link in it, listen to the audio file, then write a summary of the content.  The 3rd user should be able to then access the form and add a link to a photo that goes with that audio and summary.  All three of these users are not sophisticated software types.  I want to make this easy for them, just give them a link and say fill out A, B, and C on this page and save or submit it.


I'm not a developer, so I am working with someone who is. This person is a web developer for sites that have complicated back end database functionality.  He tells me that what I'm asking will cost $5 to $10K to make.  I doubt he is thinking of using FileMaker, maybe MySQL or something related to WordPress.  I thought that amount sounded ridiculous and that if I tried hard, I could probably build what I want in a few days or a week, including learning curve with something like FileMaker or Access. Am I dreaming?  Is this request harder than I think to make happen?


Thank you for your thoughts and advice.