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    filemaker pro 6 Error No Dept Code




      I am posting here, because I have not found any reference to my problem in your forums.


      When opening a Time Card I have the error: Error! no dept code.

      Everything else seems to be working fine. We have a backup that functions properly but is years out of date. The problem seems to be the Account Codesfp5 file, but I'm not sure how to fix this issue.



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          "in your forums"

          In whose forums?

          Please recognize that we have no idea what you're talking about.

          What product is this?

          That said - if the message states that you did not supply a department code for the record in question, is it possibly correct? You just need to enter a department code?

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            for FileMaker 6 (from distant memory here), likely there is a validation on the field (not empty). Can you go to the Define Fields (sorry, I don't recall the menu items)? Look for the field 'dept code' and click on Options to see what the Auto-enter and Validations are for the field. If this field does not show (because we are guessing the name), can you go into Layout mode and find the field to see if the 'label' is the same (or different) from the actual field name? Double-click the box that is the field to see what name it is. Then go to Define Fields and look at the Options for that field.


            Supply screenshot(s), if you are not sure.



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              additional info: I did find the FM 6 documentation here

              Product Documentation Archive | FileMaker



              so in the "Customizing your FileMaker Pro templates", I found this:

              > Choose File menu > Define Fields to see the types of fields provided on the templates.


              So that is where you look...


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                Markus Schneider

                Definitely an 'error-message' that comes from the solution - not from FileMaker. If the message appears after pressing a button, check the scripts. If the message appears after leaving a field, check the field validations (as Beverly mentioned)

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                  I figured it out. I exported the employee records from the corrupted Db and imported it into the old backup that didn't have that annoying layout corruption and everything is functioning as it should with no errors. Thank you all for your help. (especially you, Mr. Bruce Robinson)


                  If I had a choice, we wouldn't be using such an old, unsupported piece of software, but the decision is not mine to make.