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Discussion created by Stigge on Aug 11, 2016
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Am trying to create a portal with a own made search field that per letter put in lists in the portal finds.



Portal that lists phone numbers

first search input  "0" and it lists all numbers that starts with 0*

second typed input "7", it then lists all numbers that starts with 07*

third typed input "0", and it lists all numbers that starts with 070*

and so in..


the script and trigger is easy and already made. am just wondering how i can put that in the cooperation with a portal that updates after each typed input.


Am guessing am not the first who wants to do this. so there might be somone who sits on a example that i can  have a look at..

And it might be super easy and i just havent figured out how yet =)


So if anyone have any input please share. =)

Thank you