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Creating my first FM db - relating tables and connecting  data

Question asked by tommcat on Aug 11, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2016 by TonyDehnke

Hi everybody, I am new FM user and I have the following questions:


I have 2 tables Contacts and Machines.  In Machine Browse Layout where I input all the info about every Machine I want to put a field Supplier Contact Id and Supplier Contact Name to show that this machine is at location of this Contact.


Tried to make such fields in Machines and relate them with matching fields in Contacts but it's not working.


2. I'd like to print records or make pdfs from Machines  in 2 language versions. I can make layout with 2 tabs - 1 tab for each language and fields labels will be describing fields in correct language.  The question is - can I automate some translations wherever I use not edit box but f.ex. lists of values? For example make a list of values in both languages then on 1st tab will show 1 version , on 2nd tab 2nd version?


Thanks in advance